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About us

Ubuni Solutions is an IT consulting and custom software development company based in Nairobi Kenya. Our mission is to re-assess common problems and innovatively tackle them using technology as an enabler. We believe that what may seem as necessary suffering at the moment can be reduced or eliminated by having an intelligent approach to the problems that we may be accustomed to. We cover provision of ready made off the shelf software and hardware solutions as well as custom made solutions for small and medium enterprises in Kenya and the greater East African region.

Ubuni is a Swahili word meaning innovativeness, and we find it fitting because innovation forms the heart of our operations and solutions.

What can we do?

Ubuni Solutions has extensive industry experience when it comes to digital solutions, some of our focus areas are:

  • Custom enterprise software
  • Mobile application development
  • Creation of engaging functional web applications
  • Integration to common third party APIs such as MPesa and banks
  • Website development and online presence management
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