Ubuni Solutions provides businesses and institutions with consultancy services on matters relating to technology. We help companies close the gap between what consumers demand and expect digitally from businesses and what they actually experience.

Using our experienced and professional team we will implement a clear digital vision, strategy and roadmap for your business, brand and/or institution.

Mobile Payments Integration

Ubuni Solutions has extensive experience in the Kenyan mobile payments industry and is capable of doing all integrations needed to get your business ready to accept mobile payments be it in form of mpesa or any other provider. We cover merchant integration to enable them get real-time notifications of incoming transactions, view reports on how their paybills and tills are doing and we even provide quick pesa, a super simplified mobile application that makes mobile payments as easy as taking a picture – with this, issues of money getting sent to wrong paybill numbers belong to the past as all the customer has to do is scan and approve.

Money has gone digital and cash is no longer king, get in touch with us and let us solve your integration needs.

Custom Software Development

We at Ubuni Solutions offer development of reliable, robust, tailor-made software intended to meet our customers’ unique demands. Our skilled developers and software architects are detail oriented and use cutting edge tools and methodologies to deliver successful solutions that accord with all the specified requirements while staying within time and budget limits. Along with full-cycle custom software development, we provide software maintenance and platform-based customization.

The range of software solutions that we provide includes but is not limited to: purpose built web and mobile applications such as online booking systems, normal company or institution websites, desktop applications, and business automation tools and software such as payroll processors, staff attendance and productivity monitoring software, and point of sale & inventory management software.

Ratiba Timetable Generator

Ratiba is a smart timetable generation software that aims to revolutionize the process of timetable generation in Universities and other institutions with similar lesson plans. It takes constraints such as rooms and lecturer availability and creates schedules that are conflict free and meet stakeholders’ expectations.

It allocates resources optimally by taking into account room capacity, lesson size, lecturer availability as well as many other considerations. This means that the same number of rooms and lecturers can handle a greater number of lessons in a day. Since it allows lecturers to set their available times it makes it possible to have part time lecturers that are still optimally occupied when they are available.

Quick Pesa

Quick Pesa is a payment solution based on Safaricom’s mpesa which makes till payment solutions incredibly fast and simple. All a customer needs is their smartphone. No more need to go to sim toolkit or even memorise till numbers and paybills.

Quick Pesa – Merchant

Quick Pesa merchant is a companion application to the quick pesa app, which can be used by vendors to accept payments from all customers with the quick pesa app. If you have a paybill this is the app for you as it simplifies the customer journey by eliminating many data entry errors. It also gives you as the merchant operational flexibility in enabling you to adjust product prices on the fly for each customer, a scenario suitable for many small shops where customers may negotiate different prices. There will soon be a version that integrates to your existing Point of Sale solution allowing you to get the best of both worlds.